Throughout our whole lives carpets make our living atmosphere more comfortable, joyfully and beautiful. Life's necessity's do not normally change, but demands occur needing new solutions. Our living home needs always to accommodate the timespirit, my abstract carpets capture this need of change, especially because of the colour and shape, I would like people to think more about how there living or why they are living, like this. My carpets have a floating shape like the lifetime, the colour combinations come up to the psychological colour knowledge. Colours have a big influence in our health, feelings and development from the intellect, they can also balance the karma.


Colour Knowledge

It is important that the colour contrast on the carpets is right and the combinations and shapes leave more to fantasize and create new ideas, not just decoration. These multi forms of possibility bring new solutions for our life. They are handmade from pure tibetian wool and they are hand washable.